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Thank you so much for stopping by! My prayer is that you was inspired while you were here with me and the rest of the people who drop in for a taste of God’s word.

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27 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Desiray…thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. My hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

  2. Wow, incredible weblog format! How lengthy have you been running a blog for?
    you made blogging look easy. The total glance of your site is great,
    let alone the content material!

  3. I find your blog very inspirational and I have nominated you for the 2012 Blog of the Year award. Please read my latest post about it. God Bless, Anna

      1. I understand totally and I believe that this site is very pleasing to God. I do the same on God’s Word for Women. Like you, I consider it His site for His glory and honor.

  4. GOD bless you sister.

    Would it be ok with you if I send you an email on the above mentioned address? I have something to share with you.

    Thank you. GOD bless you.

  5. Why is our goal so low? Even when they march on Washington, they want more than a thousand. The NRA doesn’t want just 1,000 gun advocates to sign a petition. There must be more than a thousand Jesus Lovers in the United States and the world. We have must have more to show. Our standards must be higher. This is great idea. Let’s should His Name from the mountaintops.

    1. I wish I knew why our standards must be higher then man’s…We must shout loud this world is in need of Him, far to many souls are dying..

  6. Hello. Just wanted you to know that I stopped by and will be following your ministry. Loved your last post and one of the things I so needed( still need) to work on. God Bless you Desiray!

    1. thank you so much for following me and it is a blessing when others are blessed by what the Lord places upon our hearts and we share it with the world. God is good, and as we all are a work in process..amen

  7. What a blessing you are!!! I am so thankful for WISE women like yourself. You are touching the hearts of so many hurting souls and especially a motherless daughter (myself) who LOVES a Wise woman who will take time to share her wisdom, & prayers to those of us in need. You know, there is so much talk about the “fatherless sons” epidemic but what society is failing to realize and overlook is the many women who struggle everyday with thoughts of unkind words, & emotional torment from the hands of the one person we thought would always be our #1 fan. I have prayed often for GOD to place wise women in my path so that I may learn and be uplifted by them.
    So thank you again for sharing your beautiful heart. It is greatly appreciated and respected!
    God Bless!

    1. God bless you Farrah for commenting and sharing your heart as well. I thank God for your soul and know that you are not alone. I was a single mother before I got married I know what a struggle it is and the only thing I could depend on was Jesus. He is our source and He will get you through. If you have time today join me by reading my post for today do not be deceived and click on the link I know you will be blessed..Hope you can make it, if not you can listen to it later… Please do come back again and visit and share your heart with us all. As we learn from one another..AMEN

  8. I def. will!!! I just had to thank the Good Lord for bringing such a beautiful & caring soul into my life. It is so exciting to watch Him reveal more and more of Himself to me each and every day as I grow closer to Him!
    Desiray, girl I knew I could learn a thing or two from you 😉 ! Oh how GOD is SO Good, giving us just what we need when we need it. And I will definetly be back because as you said we do and can learn from one another, all the while Glorifying His name.
    Thanks again sister!
    Have a Beautiful day!

  9. Hey Desiray,
    Thank you so very much for visiting my blog and sharing your story! I am glad that humility from your husband broke your yoke. Would you mind if I featured your blog in my post for tomorrow?

  10. Hi, Desiray. I thought you might want to know that your links to Facebook, Twitter, and Radio Show on this page do not work. I tried to click on them, but they won’t let me do so. You might want to double-check that.

    1. The reason you could not link to it was because I did not put the link most people who follow my site knows my name and that is how they find me on facebook and twitter, But I did go ahead and put the link to my facebook and twitter I now have my tweets posted on the front page. Thanks for saying something because if you was not able to connect others who visit probably had the same problem but just didn’t let me know.

  11. Hi,

    I come to you, hoping that you would be able to help me give this post a boost …

    It would mean so much to my better half next weekend if I could accomplish what this post talks about. I received 11 likes on Saturday (which is good for my small following) but, except for one person on my list who did respond wholeheartedly, I’m about 10 short of my goal; I mean that I would do well enough to at least raise $100 for ALS using my book that commemorates her dad. You’ll understand when you read the post.

    Anyway, please let me know if you think you could help through your following. Of course I would not expect you to do this for free.

    Thanks, and I hope you are well.


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