Welcome to” The Devotion Café.” Thank you for wanting to be a part of “The Devotion Cafe” At the Café I share devotionals to encourage us in our walk with the Lord. I use life applications as it pertains to you and me.

In my devotions I do share a little about myself. I pray that while you visited me today that what you read lifted your spirits. I look forward to meeting you and sharing words to encourage as well as hearing what the Lord has revealed to you in your walk.

Please do feel free to browse all the tabs on this site and share your comments as well. For we all have something to share that we can be a blessing to others, AMEN!

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Lesley says:

    A beautiful and uplifting blog. 💖

    1. desirayl says:

      Thank you so much Lesley. My desire is to always uplift and share God’s word with anyone that will listen.

  2. I really like your blog! It has positive energy and a happy vibe! I look forward to following your blog and share God’s word.

    1. desirayl says:

      Thank you Strong Girls Pray. I do appreciate the compliment. I wanted this site to be warm and welcoming. Thanks for letting me know that.

      I do look forward to breaking bread with you as well. Have a great night.

  3. Inspiring! Thank you.

    1. desirayl says:

      Good day thank you Curleen.

  4. john8and12 says:

    It was good to visit your website. Just wonderful, and I will visit again.

    1. desirayl says:

      Good Morning John, thank you for taking the time to visit. Looking forward to seeing you come back again. God bless.

      1. john8and12 says:

        Absolutely. Blessings!

  5. Sherryl says:

    I simply love the warm welcoming that you have here. It really does makes me feel like I am welcome. Checking over all your tabs you have on your site is pheromonal. The way you share your personal life with your readers and how they engage with you. May God continue to bless the works of your hand and I will be following your site.

    1. desirayl says:

      Hello Sherryl and thank you for taking the time out to go through each of my tabs. Your kind words I do appreciate so much. Looking forward to having you here at The Devotion Cafe’ and getting to know you as well. God has been so good to me the least I can do is tell everyone about His Son Jesus Christ.

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