Come Be Apart of My Corner

Welcome to my corner I guess you are wondering why I call it my corner? Well I have no other name to call it, for me it is a place where I share my thoughts about life. If you decide to join me in my corner you will find the latest of things in which I am thinking about, what I am praying about and what is on my heart.

my corner

 Join me today and see what else is Desiray up to in her corner. I love sharing my stories with people, things I overcame and things I struggle with because my mission is to show others the Love and Mercy of a Loving God who loves us despite ourselves.

Come and be a part of my Corner and I pray as you see what I have shared that you will be able to share with me your stories. Remember we win them over by the blood and the word of our testimony. Amen

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Carolyn Hale says:

    Everything!! Things I have to do, things I want to do, my family, God, being thankful, my mind is busy all the time..Probably why I don’t sleep well.

  2. Cyndi Davis says:

    taking a nap-resting my mind-yes-my mind runs constantly with all my activities and such-when i slow down enough to think by myself I usually become so at rest that is my thought

  3. Lucy Nieves says:

    my last finals for this semester and how much i need the lords stenght to see me through.

  4. Cynthia James says:

    with prayers on my mind, for my children and grands, how i can become more better, always have a song on my mind!!!

  5. tcdyt says:

    I guess it should be “Come and be a part of my corner …”
    May God bless you!

  6. Desiray says:

    That’s a good name. I just might change it to it.. 🙏 have a bless day.

  7. Paula Short says:

    My conviction of Love for the Lord, and Sharing the scriptures and the Good News.

  8. desirayl says:

    Good evening Paula, thank you for sharing your love for Christ in your life.

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