Come Be Apart of My Corner

Welcome to my corner I guess you are wondering why I call it my corner? Well I actually have no other name to call it, for me it’s a place where I share my thoughts about life. If you decide to join me in my corner you will find the latest of things in which I am thinking about, what I am praying about and what is on my heart.

cafe corner

Join me today and see what else is Desiray up to in her corner. Each day I post devotions as well as daily blogs on different sites on the internet, to encourage people. I love sharing my stories with people, things I overcame and things I struggle with because my mission is to show others the Love and Mercy of a Loving God who loves us in spite of ourselves.

Come and be apart of my Corner and I pray as you see what I have shared over the months and years in my devotions you have been reading that you will be able to share with me your stories, remember we win them over by the blood and the word of our testimony…amen

8 thoughts on “Come Be Apart of My Corner

  1. Everything!! Things I have to do, things I want to do, my family, God, being thankful, my mind is busy all the time..Probably why I don’t sleep well.

  2. taking a nap-resting my mind-yes-my mind runs constantly with all my activities and such-when i slow down enough to think by myself I usually become so at rest that is my thought

  3. with prayers on my mind, for my children and grands, how i can become more better, always have a song on my mind!!!

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