Barista Coffee Wednesday

Good morning and thank you for joining me today on “Barista Coffee Wednesday”.

Question: Are you planning on getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?



Not Sure

My answer: When I heard about the talk of the Vaccine, I had a lot of questions, boy did I have questions. And when you have questions you have to do some investigation. My husband and I did a lot of talking about the vaccine for months. And though he had made up his mind to get the vaccine, I still was not ready to give a definitive answer.

Over the course of time me and my husband both have had members of our families who have already received the vaccine. And of course, I had to ask them all about the process what side effects did they experience. Seems like almost every person whom I talked to has already received the vaccine or they are on the list to get it. When someone asked me if I was getting the vaccine? I changed the topic quickly, reason being I did not want anyone to persuade me. Nor did I want to hear any misinformation.

God already knows exactly how I feel about this Pandemic, Him and I have had many talks. As of last Saturday, yours truly signed up to receive the vaccine. When I told my husband he said what made you change your mind? I changed my mind because the Lord has helped me through my fears of this pandemic. And for that I am so grateful. I am now awaiting my scheduled date, time, and location to get my first dose of the vaccine.


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  1. Nothing to worry about . Amongst my friends some had and some did not have side effects. If it helps. I had mine 3 weeks ago,

  2. desirayl says:

    That is great news. Thanks for sharing that with me. So now your waiting for the second dose, right?

  3. I am Not planning on getting the vaccine. For me, there still is a lot that is unknown about it. It was developed and approved so fast, usually clinical trials can last months to years to deem it safe or not. There is still not enough data and long term results for me to change my decision yet. But, for me, today I’m choosing not to get the vaccine. Blessings. Love ya sis. ❤

  4. desirayl says:

    Morning Paula, thank you for sharing.

  5. Popi says:

    Your process is exactly as our has been. Tomorrow we go to get our second vaccination. Initially skeptical, wary, suspicious, we decided to follow the more logical path. We did look deeply into the matter. We are at peace even though we both had a reaction to the first vaccination. Learning from a good trusted source, a reaction indicates the vaccine is working and our immunity is doing what it should.

  6. desirayl says:

    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I thank God that He has given you both the peace about it.

    I thank God for the peace He has given me through this whole ordeal. Have a bless day Popi.

  7. Yes. That is a few weeks away. Positive that the Lord is in charge, my friend.

  8. Jeff says:

    I received my first shot yesterday. My arm hurts like crazy, but otherwise, I feel fine. I had a mild headache in the evening, yesterday, but who knows if it was related. Could be weather, since our temps in Texas went from 1 degree to 80 in one week!

  9. desirayl says:

    Jeff thanks for sharing your experience. Glad your temperatures has changed. You guys experienced some extremely frigid temperatures.

  10. Good for you! I received both shots already and am considered in the “protected” zone. I still wear my mask when in public, and I still maintain my distance. Since it was mandated that I return to my classroom, I felt it was just necessary. As always, my trust is in the Lord, and I felt a peace in getting the vaccine! Wonderful Jesus!

  11. desirayl says:

    That is fantastic sis. Trusting Jesus and the peace that He gives us when we do. Being that you had to go back to school I see why.

    When I get my first shot I will definitely post it. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing your story.


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