When God Gives You FAVOR!


I had already had your devotion prepared for today. As I was sitting at my desk the Spirit said to me not to post my original posting, for I am to post this one instead. 

God has given you favor with MAN! And you do not even know why, He has opened opportunities that you did not even had your mind set upon. He has brought people in your path who never even liked you as a person and they are blessing you beyond your mind. God has placed you in a position now where you can see His Sovereignty at work and you just cannot understand why He is doing this? God has moved you from one mountain to another and you have not even felt the ground move under your feet, that is favor. 

This person who God is showing favor to stays humble because they know without God, they cannot even make it out of bed. This person remains faithful and hopeful even when people hate on them, when the people spit in their face, when people lie on them, when they try to bring harm to them when this person has been left out of things deliberately, all because this person seems different to them. See even in all the bad things this person has been through they still held on to their faith in GOD!

And because of that you have been faithful you have learned to speak life instead of death in a person’s life. People spoke lies behind your back, and they tried to kill your spirit and yet through it all God favored you. You did not compromise you did not bend to their schemes and oh boy did it seem like you were going to. But you remain faithful in-spite of it all! And God has bestowed upon you His Favor.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Clair says:

    When God has favor on your life no one can stop it. No one can do anything about it because favor is like a seal that God has placed upon you. AMEN

  2. desirayl says:

    Very true. God always takes care of His children. What I like about Favor is when God displays that favor in front of my enemies. People who think who am I to have that opportunity? What they do not know is that my Father In Heaven will not see me without.

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