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Good morning and, how are you?

Last week our Barista Coffee was so exciting you guys are so amazing. How has your week been so far?  If today is your first day visiting, I am so happy to have you. Each Wednesday we have our Barista Coffee. To add a little flavor to the coffee you are more than welcome to suggest what our next “Barista Coffee’ question you would like to chat about. Click on link below to be redirect or you can click on the tab Barista Wednesday. Time to have some fun.

Are you ready for today’s barista question?

Question: What is the weirdest thing you have eaten?

I ate squid and never knew it. A coworker and I went out for lunch. We both agreed to have pizza. She ordered calamari and I ordered vegetables. When it came to the table it smelled delicious. She asked me if I would try hers and so I did. When I finished that slice, she began laughing at me. I said, “why are you laughing? Her response was you ate squid. I said no way. Why would you do that to me? She said had I told you would you have eaten it? We had a good laugh. When we got back to work that was our inside joke.

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  1. rahjomuelvin says:

    I love calamari.💕 delicious.
    We Filipinos have some weird dishes like the “balot”.
    Duck’s egg. 😄😅 I guess, you could find it weirdest

    1. desirayl says:

      Wow. Duck eggs. Now I will have to google that yo find out more about it.

      I did eat duck before not that it was my choice. We were in Chinatown in San Francisco that is when I found out that I ate it.

      Was not to bad. 😁😁❤❤🤗

      1. rahjomuelvin says:

        Yes. It is not the usual food. But many love to eat “balot”. 😄

        That is nice to know. Good it turned out fine to the taste.😃

  2. rahjomuelvin says:

    But “balot” is common here in our place.

    1. desirayl says:

      What is balot?

      1. rahjomuelvin says:

        That is “duck’s egg” … I do not know to describe it very well but Google
        can definitely help out 😃😅😅😅

      2. desirayl says:

        Wow. You explained it very well thanks. 🤗🤗 I just googled it too.

      3. rahjomuelvin says:

        Wow.. that is nice to know..

      4. desirayl says:

        Yes it is.

      5. rahjomuelvin says:

        Thanks to Google.. our one stop shop for information😄

      6. desirayl says:

        Oh yeah. Our one stop information. I remember when it use to be Yahoo. But they are long gone. Google is what is happening now. Although I am hearing about this Bing Search.. I use that too.

  3. Shantell Antoinette says:

    Turtle soap after it hung from the family tree in the front yard. I was MADE to eat it or nothing. I think this is where my eating disorder came from…i puked my guts out after eating it🤮🤮🤮

    1. desirayl says:

      Now that is something I have to google as well. When I was a little girl I was curious that if you ate soap will bubbles come out of your mouth when you talk?

      So sorry to hear that you had to endure that as a child.

      1. Shantell Antoinette says:

        Sorry I meant SOUP

      2. desirayl says:

        Okay gotcha..By the way I did google it and I saw what it is. It looks yummy. My husband he ate frog legs several times and tried to get me to eat it but I could not do it. He said it taste like chicken. I told him I do not think so.

  4. Perth Girl says:

    I have eaten squid, not a big fan. I generally am not adventurous when it comes to trying out various things to eat. I play it safe 🙂.

    1. desirayl says:

      I normally do too. But my coworker played a trick on me that day. It was not bad. I have not eaten it since that day.

      Thank you so much for sharing.

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