People hate what they fear and do not know.


1 John 5:19 says “We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

What is it about EVIL that people are drawn to it? 

Evil is real  and we must always be able to recognize it! EVIL is simply sin. Sin will cause anyone of us to do and say what is not respectful. In God’s eyes.

When you see a person causing dissension among the people take heed. When you see someone, who is ready to plot harm or run and spread lies about a person while trying to tear down his or her character, take heed. Recognize that this is EVIL. Most of the time the person is not even aware that it is sin. Before anyone one of you accepted Jesus into your heart you were not aware of the sin you did. Or shall I say you did not know it was called sin. To them it is normal behavior, but it is far from normal. People hate in their hearts and fear what they do not know.

What does God say about EVIL? EVIL IS SIN and it cannot live in the presence of God for God hates EVIL…

David asked God will evildoers ever learn. And just like then thousands of years ago we are still asking that same very question this day in age. For us to fully understand evil we must first recognize where it comes from.

Evil comes from Satan and Satan only! We know that he is the accuser of the brethren, we also know what his mission in life is. But if we are not too careful, we will allow Satan to use us for evil. What do I mean by that well, how many times when someone has said or done something to you the first thing you want to do is retaliate? Well if we do act upon it, we have committed evil ourselves.

In Exodus Moses asked Aaron what did these people do to you, that you led them into such great sin? Aaron’s respond to Moses was this. You know how prone these people are too evil. When you read the story, you will see how these people kept bowing down to other gods and worshipping them.

They were full of evil and they allowed evil to take residence within them. That is why Aaron said you know how prone they are to evil which means that evil is their make-up.

Recognize evil for what it is because one thing about EVIL if it is not dealt with it will deal with you! EVIL is not your friend, nor does it love you. EVIL hates you so do not befriend it. EVIL has only one agenda to destroy YOU! 

The way we handle evil is loving our brothers and sisters. What that means is this, you may not agree with what the other person is saying. But take the time to listen to what each person has to say. Seriously, we do not always agree with the people who live under the same roof with us. Right? But that does not mean we are going to hate them because we disagree or have an argument with them.

Always leave room for God to deal with the heart. Not you. Amen

Have a bless Monday.

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