Those who fight against you


Psalm 35 : 1-28

For all those who have asked the question when will God bring justice and judgment to those who fight against you?  When you read the entire chapter of Psalm 35. You see David pleading his case to God about those who fight against him. Those who want to destroy him physically.

Each of us can surely relate to David in this chapter for we too have had bosses and people treat us badly from bullying and harassing us. Maybe you are experiencing what David felt. David called them hecklers and he wanted God to destroy them.

As you read Psalm 35 keep in mind that the psalmist does not take judgment or revenge into his own hands, but he trusts God to be the judge. The Psalms teaches us a powerful truth; when the sin of the wicked reaches its limit; the Lord will rightly judge and destroy.

David’s prayer was for freedom from injustice as followers of Christ we have the right to pray for his protection from evil people. Remember this prayer is to see injustice and cruelty come to an end. For the Lord, your God will bring about justice for his chosen ones who cry out to him day and night.

I pray that today’s devotion has helped you. God is the only one who can bring justice to this wicked world in which we live in.


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  1. Thank you for this. It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to judge and seek revenge by acting out with negative emotions because we are so hurt, especially by people we have invested in. This is a gentle reminder to leave it in the Lord’s hands. Thank you

    1. desirayl says:

      Thank you Kim. I agree with you on that statement of how hard it is when we have invested in people. It really is a struggle for us. Thank God that when we feel this way that He does not hold it against us.

      1. Thank goodness! 😊

  2. realchange4u says:

    That ia truth that needs to be heard. I loved that. Puts things in perspective thank you.

    1. desirayl says:

      Your right my brother it sure does put things in perspective.

  3. Thank you for this devotional. Vengeance is not ours…

  4. Array says:

    I love this Psalm. I have prayed this many times…for workplace bullying. Blessings!

    1. desirayl says:

      I know actually what you mean about that. I had to deal with a lot of that bullying in the workplace. I had it done to me and I saw it done to others and I stood up to the bullies. For some reason it always seem as if the enemy fight harder in the workplace. The people I worked with knew I was a Christian. And they tried their best to get me to act out of character.

      They saw that I was not going to break so the enemy sent other people to try to break me. But what the people on my job did not know was that I was constantly before the throne of God. I had coworkers who would come to me and tell me things about them and I would pray for them immediately at work. No one in management ever said anything to me about praying.

      Until an email came out weeks later and said no more talking about religion at work. But that did not stop me because my relationship with Jesus is not religion it is relationship. So I would go to a place in secret and pray with them.

      I do believe that everything I had to endure on that job was for a reason.

      Bullying is never good and it has to be destroyed for it is sin and the devil loves sin.

      Thank you for stopping in I do appreciate it. Have a bless rest of your day.

      1. Shari says:

        Yes, bullying is not easy to deal with. God used this for good in that my supervisor/bully came to realize that because of my faith, I reacted differently to her. She began to respect me. God is good.

      2. desirayl says:

        @Shari that is great. God always come to His Children.

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