Resting In Him


Palm 62 Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.

Those words those four little words R-E-S-T in Him. Family we are constantly on the move. I wonder if we really know how to take a moment and rest in Him? By the end of the day when we are ready to rest our thoughts will not allow us because it starts racing for the next steps that are on our agenda.

Family and friends, we need to start resting now. I have found out that resting in Jesus is thinking about “Who He is.” When we think about who He is He will put our minds, bodies into spiritual resting. So, the next time you say you need to rest remember Psalm 62.

For truth be told we do not have a clue on how to rest in Him. It is only when we find refuge in Him that we are at rest. Amen!

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