When it’s all said and done.

We hear the slogan “we are in this together.” I have to say that I love that slogan. To me it has a real depth meaning behind it. From watching the news on television to seeing it on social media. And let us not forget the commercials. In every commercial you hear “we are in this together”.

People’s hearts are changing. Lots of good has come from it. I know that there have also been some terrible things that has taken place as well. I know for myself I have witness people being more patient and tolerable. What I am about to mention is something that I have been thinking about for some time since this virus has touched our world. If the new slogan is true, and we are all in this together. Will we be all in this together when this virus is destroyed?

Or will we go back to our old ways? In my opinion and that is what it is. I do not see our world being the way it uses to be. I see that we will be living with some restrictions and rather we want to face it or not it is not going to be like it was before.

If we are patient with others and showing mankind kindness why didn’t we do this before the virus? Does it really take something like this for the entire world to be together? We see how some states want to be open before the CDC says so. I get it! I see from the news how unemployment is rising each day. You can hear the frustration in people’s voices.

This is new to all of us. No one was prepared for this.  What would happen if we who are Christians would use this season to witness to those who do not know Jesus.

We all have family members and friends who are not born-again believers. What a perfect time to share your faith with them. For you know they are feeling scared just like you. But the difference is that even though you are scared you do not rely upon your strength. It is your faith in Jesus that takes that fear away from you and He replaces it with peace. Believe it or not Christians get scared too. God has promised us that when we are fearful call upon Him, and He will answer us.

Think about this. When you are scared there are no comforting words other, then the words of Jesus. Telling a person that it is going to be okay is not assuring and neither does it bring them peace. What it does is gives them a false hope. People are searching for answers and you being a believer know that Christ is the answer.

Until people accept Jesus into their hearts, they will never have life.

Have a Bless Saturday. Be Safe call your love ones.

2 thoughts on “When it’s all said and done.

  1. Very thoughtful post. What struck me the most was your question of will things be the same if this virus goes away; or will people go back to the way they were? Will we go back to being ungrateful and uncaring of our neighbors? Thank you for writing this. I really enjoyed it and learned from it.

    1. Terei it was my pleasure that it sparked something. I would hate to believe that we would go back to the old ways. But truth be told you are correct. Man will be ungrateful and uncaring. I just hope that those whose hearts have changed will continue to be changed.

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