Surprise! Surprise!


Jeremiah 29:13 says” You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart

What is it about “SURPRISES” that we all like? According to Webster’s Dictionary it’s  an unexpected event, piece of information, and unexpected gift, the feeling caused by something that is unexpected or unusual.


People are looking to find many things in life, they are looking to find strength, friendship, finding life’s meaning, finding a mate, new career, and finding hope. The list goes on and on, and yet most of the things that they are searching for they look in the wrong places. What surprises are you looking to find? How many times have you walked along the street and looked down to your amazement and found money on the ground? How many times have you put your jacket on and reached in your pocket only to find something that you thought you lost forever? Yeah, it’s called “surprise” we enjoy surprises.

I do believe that everyday is a treasure hunt of surprises waiting for a child-of-God, I also believe that God has different ways that HE presents us with surprises of treasures. But so often we overlook them because instead of us having our eyes fixed upon Him we give our attention to others things that aren’t heavenly bound.

Today I encourage you to don’t look at what is temporal seek with your heart and you will see the treasures of blessings God has given you this day.

Today’s Bible Trivia Question: What does the word Righteous means?


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  1. Reblogged! Great post

  2. Desiray says:

    Glad you enjoyed the devotion. I hope your readers be blessed by it.

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