Who Lives There?…”Happiness”

When I was a little young girl me and my sisters played allot outside we would ride our bikes and jump rope, baseball, yeah we enjoyed our child-hood. Maybe that is why I still let the little girl in me  come out and play from time to time.

And every Sunday evening we would go for a Sunday drive after church we where you liveloved our Sunday drive, my sisters would be singing in the car and my mom and dad would be talking but I would look at the people cars and houses and ask myself are they happy? Now why I did this at such a young age I have no real reason as to why. Could it be that I was comparing my life to there’s? Don’t see how since I don’t know those people, but I always wanted to know if the people who lived in those homes was  happy. Me and my family was happy we did a lot of things together as a family, and I wasn’t sure if other families was as happy as I was.

I remember asking my mom one day about this and she said “Desi, not every home is happy, my reply to her was but mom they have so much more than we have their house is bigger then ours, but mom said “Desi, happiness is not in what you have, happiness is in whom you have” From that day on I never wondered were the people in the homes happy?

It all made sense after mom said that because in our home was built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. We must remember it’s nice to have pretty things it’s nice to work hard for what you want. But true happiness will never come from possessions, title, or prestige, it can’t be purchases although a lot of people are doing there best to do so, it only comes from whom you have and that is Jesus Christ.